Portugal’s southern favourite is known for many things, but idyllic water-falls isn’t one of them. Well, forget everything you know. Beaches are too packed anyway. Try falling water instead.

A beach holiday is unequivocally appealing. So appealing, in fact, that, every year, storms of tourists flock the Algarve in search of white sandy dunes and bursting waves.

But if you’re one to paint your life with more romantic overtones, and your ideal escape features you and your partner, alone in nature, surrounded only by trees and birds (but still a pretty quick car ride from civilization), you should try this water-fall tour, designed by us.

Barbelote Fall

Quietly buried in the Monchique council, the Barbelote waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in the country. The rocks there are dark and slippery, but the small lagoon which forms at its bottom is the perfect place for an idyllic swim.
You can access it by car from the road of Vale de Largo-Barbelote.

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Vigario Fall

Sitting in the mouth of the Alte river, the Vigario waterfall is born in Quinta do Freixo and falls for 24 meters onto a lake, perfect for swimming.

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Pego do Inferno

Disregard its name. Inferno means hell but this is the closest to heaven that you’ll ever be.
AKA Moinhos da Rocha, this small lagoon with green and blue overtones is located around 10km from the touristic resort of Tavira.
Rumour has it that the waterfall is connected by underground tunnels to the Guadiana River.

pego do inferno

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Penedo do Buraco

This is one of our favourites, by far. And it’s now 100% accessible through an unpaved road, making it slightly difficult to get to but just enough for it to be rewarding.

penedo do buraco water-fall

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