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Air Race Experience
Experience the feeling of a ‘Barrel Roll’ or a ‘Loop the Loop’ during your flight at an experienced aviation centre. You will be a part of a spectacular display of grace and elegance, whilst viewing the world from a different angle and defying gravity. Sit back and enjoy the exhilaration as you encounter well-known aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls, stall turns, chandelles and steep turns. You will fly at speeds of over 100mph, thousands of feet in the air and test your nerves in this adventurous, white knuckle ride.

What’s Included?
– Aerobatic Flight Experience in an Extra 330LX plane
– 1h Experience, w/ 15min flight
– Personalised Flight Certificate
– A full pre-flight safety briefing to explain principles of an aerobatic flight
– The flight duration includes taxi, take off and landing time

What happens?
Your experience starts with the qualified instructor giving you a pre-flight briefing which will enable you to understand how the aircraft is capable of aerobatic flight. Once in the air, your instructor will accelerate the aircraft to over 100mph before starting a sequence of aerobatic manoeuvres, which may include loops, rolls, and wingovers. Due to the nature of this experience it is unlikely you will be able to take the controls, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. This experience is not for the faint hearted and is definitely not recommended with a hangover. Please note that the manoeuvres described above are only an example of what you may experience and can differ depending on the location.