Forget about trekking to all the way up to Machu Picchu or climbing the hardships of Everest Base Camp. If, like a grumpy detective from an 80’s blockbuster, you’re “too old for this s-“, try the Seven Hanging Valleys instead.

First, let’s make one thing clear: this is no trekking. It’s trailing. As in it’s pleasant, and breezy, and stunning. It’s not meant to make you sweat or wish you had gone for the XL khaki shorts instead. No, this isn’t that.

This is literally a walk in the park. But the park here consists of sky-reaching rocks, growing from the depths of the sea, aiming for the stars. These warm-colored cliffs are one of the most stunning views the Algarve has to offer – and all with the added comfort of being a 5-minute drive away from the nearest tapas bar.

Situated in Lagoa, one of the most beautiful municipalities in the Algarve, the Seven Hanging Valleys trail is close to other sightseeing gems like the Chapel of Senhora da Rocha and the Carvoeiro beach – elected one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

Tailored for any age or fitness, this hike is mostly a spiritual one, which gives you nature and nurture. The paths are extremely clean and well marked, and you can slowly trail them while taking in the flora, indulging on bird watching or just dreaming about the cold bottle of fizzy green wine which you’ll deserve after such strenuous exercise…

The scenic route runs from Praia da Marinha, in the east, to Praia de Vale Centeanes, in the west. Both of these are beaches, which gives you a clear picture of how this trail is gonna go. From the top of coastal cliffs (thus the ‘hanging valleys’) to the dense vegetation of the trail, you may want to leave your boots at home and bring comfortable shoes instead.

Ideally, ones you can then drop before a quick dive in one of the stunning beaches which surround the valleys.

Enjoy and remember: chose the path less taken, but also the easiest. Life is full of hardships, the Seven Hanging Valleys are there to be savored